At the Tool Crib, we specialize in products and applications that help our customers produce metal parts of the highest quality using the most efficient and cost-effective processes.  We offer premium tooling to both large and small manufacturing facilities in the Southeastern United States.  If you need a product to cut, grind, hold, or measure a metal part we can help.  Our goal is to provide unique solutions, from the ultra high tolerance machining challenges that our production customers must overcome to quality on-time basic machining products for a small job shop.  Our experienced team can do much more than look up a part number for you.  We know how to apply tools to your specific situation and material to get the best results.


    The Tool Crib, Inc., is a stocking industrial distributor specializing in metal cutting tools of all types, grinding wheels, precision tools, gaging equipment and related lines.   Established in 1951, the Tool Crib has concentrated on cutting, grinding and gaging products, and special tools which offer proven quality and dependability at a reasonable price.  The Tool Crib, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified distributor, click here to view or download our certificate.  We love specials, all types of specials.  If you have a part print, we can design and deliver the right tool for your job.  From the design to the final approval we can handle all of your special tool needs and we do everything via email to speed up the process.  A lot has changed in the manufacturing world, and high performance, multi use tools are what you need to compete in this environment.  Let us know how we can help. We now have a 1500 page catalog.  If you can get us an order by 4:00 EST, you will have your products the next day. We don’t charge a handling fee like some of the other Big Book vendors, we just charge regular UPS ground charges.  By shipping out of one warehouse, in Greenville, SC most all of our customers are one day ground rates, and you want have multiple boxes from multiple warehouses.  If you don’t have a catalog, give us a call and we will bring one to you ASAP.  Also, we have quarterly sales flyers, so be sure to ask for one of those too.