Hoffmann Group Now in the US

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Hoffmann Group Tool Crib

Hoffmann Group Tools are now Available in the US!

The Tool Crib, Inc. is proud to announce that we are the exclusive US distributor for the German based Hoffmann Group.  The Hoffmann Group is Europe’s leading system partner for the highest quality industrial tools, and we are excited to offer these products in the United States.

Order during normal East Coast business hours.

Pay in US dollars, not Euro’s

No minimum orders

All products FOB Knoxville, TN  (including, Duties and Taxes)

Garant and Holex Brands

German or English catalogs available


Contact us:


Tool Crib, Inc.

3002 Industrial Pkwy.

Knoxville, TN 37921

Phone:  800-232-9366

Fax:  865-525-6469




We look forward to your call!

Minority Business Enterprise

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TOOL CRIB can provide Minority Spend/Diversity Spend credits to help customers with initiatives and strategies to support minority business enterprise (MBE) companies and minority communities as a whole.
Minority suppliers that embrace MBE programs or Diversity Supplier Programs are important in many industries. The Federal government requires many contractors to do business with minority businesses. State and local governments often have similar requirements. Many automotive manufactures are also looking for minority spend credits. As the US becomes more diversified, so too are the manufacturing companies that are looking to buy through diversity suppliers. Many manufacturing companies have been looking for a way to support this minority community, and TOOL CRIB and IBC are there to meet these diversity-spending needs.
Large manufacturing companies throughout the United States have established diversity departments to support minority businesses and set goals to purchase products through Certified Minority Suppliers. The dollars spent with diversity suppliers move down the chain, and those dollars can become part of the minority spend dollar goals for these suppliers as well. Minority Spend and Diversity Supplier Spend is becoming more and more important especially in the automotive industry.
TOOL CRIB has an alliance with IBC to enable TOOL CRIB customers capture minority spend credits if they so desire. IBC’s unique business offering provides value beyond just MBE spend, or Diversity Spend credits. IBC can handle everything from single site Minority Spend Credits customer, to national accounts with multiple locations. IBC and TOOL CRIB offer purchasing power, innovative technologies, cost savings programs and local distributor services that make IBC the choice for Minority Business Spend/Diversity Spend Credits, and full customer integration.
IBC is a minority-owned business certified by the Connecticut division of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). IBC meets NMSDC criteria as a Hispanic and veteran owned company. IBC is one of the few minority owned organizations with a base of distributors covering industrial MRO throughout North America.

Go Virtually Paperless

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Are you grinding, honing, lapping, or any other type of machining the creates micron sized metal chips?  Are you using paper filters to clean the swarf that comes off of your machines?  Go paperless.

With Magnetic Products Inc. (MPI) magnetic filters you can do just that.  MPI has a number of magnetic filters that will complete remove all of the micron sized metal chips from your fluids.  From the economical, in-line Eco Filters, to the fully automatic AutoMag, MPI can solve your problems.  In most cases, the payback in savings over paper media is under 1 year, not to mention how much better it is for the environment. 

One customer that was using a centerless grinder to grind needle bearing rolls was having a hard time maintaining the 1.5 RMS spec. called for on the print.  They suspected the problem was metal fines in the coolant, but the paper filters they were using just were not getting them out.  If they changed to a finer screen, it would just bog down the process, and add a huge cost to the operation.  MPI installed an Eco Mag in line right before the coolant came out of the coolant nozzle, and immediately they were able to hold  a .7 RMS.

The way the Eco Mag is designed, absolutely nothing metallic, no matter how small, can get past the magnet.  It’s also designed with a patent pending magnetic circuit design so that it cannot clog, and there is no pressure drop in the fluid flow.  It’s easy to clean too.  Since the bulb is on top , when it’s time to clean it, all of the coolant drains back into the sump, so when you take it off  the bulb you don’t have a bulb full of coolant like you do in traditional filters.  Once you have cleaned the magnet all you have left is a semi-dry metallic material – no need to dispose of dirty cartridges.

If you really want to clean and filter the whole sump you need the MPI XCC – Xtreme Coolant Cleaner.  Nothing gets past this thing!  With a durable stainless steel cleaning surface, this unit will not wear out.  This is a continuous cleaning magnetic separator. It works by removing grinding swarf form the coolant flow and then it deposits it directly into a disposal bin.  As the swarf is taken out, the fluids go back into the reservoir tank.  As the pictures below show, typical oily swarf is shown before and after cleaning by the XCC.  Watch the video to see for yourself  the XCC in use.











Give us a call at 800-233-9366 and let us know if you would like to see how MPI can help you “go paperless”.

Check that invoice. You may find a hidden surprise in there.

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Check that invoice. You may find a hidden surprise in there.

We have all watched those late night infomercials where they will give you an incredible price for Ginsu Knifes,  “Just $19.99″…plus “Shipping & Handling“.  “But Wait, there’s more”  They will send you two sets for the price of one…just  pay additional “Shipping & Handling“. They could give you the stuff because they make so much on “Shipping & Handling” charges.