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Why Us? 

Great question.

At Tool Crib, we strive to be the best choice for customers that are looking to lower production costs and improve production quality.

We do this by: 

Providing top quality products from the worlds best suppliers

Providing the best in-house technical application assistance

Giving our customers the best service in the industry

Continually developing our process and products to meet the ever changing manufacturing demands


We strive to be the best choice for any production facility looking for the highest quality tools that will enable them to operate at the lowest possible overall cost.

We do this by offering:

Design and selection of the proper tools for the application

In-plant training of customer employees

Factory support

Customized inventory management systems


Emergency inventory

Continually updated industry technologies

A financially sound business partner


We want to be the easiest company to do business with.

Being family owned for over 60 years lets US make the decisions when a customer asks for something special.  “The answer is Yes,…what’s the question” is how we want to respond when a customer asks us for something.  We don’t want customers to be satisfied to do business with us, we want customers to be delighted to do business with us on every level.   From engineering, to purchasing, to accounting, at every level we want a delighted customer – only then have we done our job.

Our core values are:

Customer First – We judge our performance against the standards of our customer.  We deliver our products and services by knowing the preferences and perceptions of each customer based on their needs and wants.  Every customer is different, so we tailor our offering to each individual customer.  A promise to a customer by an employee commits all employees to help fulfill it.

Respect for the individual – We believe our people are capable, loyal, and concerned about the success of the Tool Crib and our customers.  We encourage them to use their own initiative to delight our customers.  The dignity of each individual is central to the way we do business.

Integrity – We will provide benefits to our customers under a strict adherence to our standards of integrity.  In all things, we will satisfy the three standards of action: Moral, Ethical, and Legal.   Our integrity as a company and as individuals will always be without question.

Pursuit of excellence – Our desire is to be an integral part of the success of our customers, and that calls for excellence from every one of our employees.  We will pursue excellence in the quality of each product and service we provide.  Only through excellence will we meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.


We look forward to serving you!